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Businesses may find themselves swamped under enormous amount of data generated daily. A data warehouse is simply a technical system to organize and store this data with known levels of standardisation, quality, and availability. Business intelligence solutions usually source data from a corporate data warehouse.

Does you business need a data warehouse

and/or a business intelligence solution?


It is a matter of fact that most people would hesitate answering this question.  Their hesitation would probably result from one of the two causes: a shortage of plain English information about the matter and a wide-spread equating of data warehousing and BI technologies, when in fact they are almost completely independent

This site aims at clearing the fog of uncertainty off the DW and BI field. We’ll explain and discuss Data Warehousing and Business Intelligence terminology and best practices, focusing on cost-effective benefits achieved by real businesses, including a number of projects in Australia we were involved in over the last decade.


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