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Anatol Romanov started his software engineering career in 1980s, when computers had far less capacity than they do today. Back then software developers had to pay special attention to hardware restrictions such as memory and CPU speed. Code efficiency and adherence to software engineering standards were paramount to create a winning business solution.


Fitbits Integration builds upon the legacy of software development pioneers and is proud of applying these fundamental principles to the modern era business intelligence solutions. Combining fundamental understanding of technology with the disciplined methodology we were able to deliver project outcomes with no unpleasant surprises. All aspects of Business Intelligence - from building a corporate data warehouse to creating an intuitive data visualisation and reporting solution, on your network or in the cloud - Fitbits Integration is your reliable BI partner. We listen. 

About Us

Fitbits was established by Anatol Romanov in 1996, originally as a database consultancy. Over the years we were helping our corporate clients to source, organise, and use their data reliably and efficiently. Vast experience in database management and application development gave the company an upper hand in the new rapidly growing data warehousing and business intelligence arena, which Fitbits entered in 2001.

By 2014 Fitbits completed over 40 successful projects and consulting assignments. We are proud to list some of the best Australian and global businesses amongst our clients. Macquarie Group, Telstra, Commonwealth Bank of Australia, Lloyds, AMP, Travelex, Sinclair Knight Merz, Resimac and other clients used our data-centric services and solutions.

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Phone (Australia): 0419 016 872

Phone (the rest of the world): +61 419 016 872