Fitbits Integration pty ltd

business + intelligence

Fitbits provides full range of services required for successful implementation and operation of a data warehousing, business intelligence, and reporting solutions.

Service List

A good project manager is not only a timeline manager but also has the ability to understand and analyse complex technical issues. Fitbits’ experienced PMs come from technical background and are trained to deal with such issues efficiently.

Project management

Wrong architectural decisions can cost a project dearly.  Should your DW use Kimball’s or Inmon’s approach? Best platforms are  flexible and scalable, but not overly expensive. Fitbits’  architects will propose an optimal solution for your requirements.

System architecture

Analysing operational data to extract essential information is important for any warehousing project. Data discovery stage is usually followed by business analysis, resulting in a business requirements document. Fitbits’ BAs contributed to  telco, banking, finance, and retail DW projects.

Data and business analysis

Fitbits’ developers possess expert level of knowledge in Microsoft DW and BI technologies. Building ETL with Integration Services, creating SQL Server database schemas and procedures, developing efficient Analysis Services cubes and Reporting Services reports is our specialty.

Design and development